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Oversized Cargo Cause Your Truck Accident?

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Despite the obvious complications and potential dangers surrounding the act of transporting large pieces of cargo, trucking companies continue to do so on a daily basis. Any freight that is higher, wider, or heavier than a typical tractor-trailer container – such as pieces of machinery, concrete piping, and even entire homes – is considered oversized cargo.

At The Cox Pradia Law Firm, P.L.L.C., we believe that you deserve compensation for your trauma after a truck driver loses control of their vehicle due to oversized loads and cargo and causes a catastrophic truck accident.

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The Danger of Oversized Cargo

Oversized cargo on an 18-wheeler is not just big, it is also inherently dangerous. Without undivided attention to the road and advanced expertise, truck drivers will struggle to complete their routes safely.

We can pinpoint what caused the dangerous truck accident, including:

  • Difficulty handling: Massive freight can put excessive weight on the truck’s axles, severely hindering its ability to maneuver on the roads.
  • Reduced braking ability: Once a truck dragging oversized cargo hits highway speeds, its own inertia will continue to pull it forward and any attempts to stop it with the brake will be extremely difficult.
  • Tipping: Just a simple right-hand turn can cause oversized cargo to rock the entire semi, leading to a destructive truck rollover.
  • Debris: Oversized cargo is usually comprised of many, smaller objects. During transportation, bumps in the road or weathering can cause it to fall apart and send dangerous debris into the path of motorists.

Our team of knowledgeable truck accident lawyers can analyze your claims with deliberate care and a keen eye for details. By investigating how the oversized cargo led the truck driver to lose control and injure you, we can confidently pursue the largest settlement possible on your behalf.

File Your Claims With a Confident Law Firm

After suffering a painful truck accident due to oversized cargo being mishandled, the damage could be extensive, if not catastrophic. Medical bills and repair costs could send you into a financial crisis before you are even affected by lost wages as you recover. In order to pursue fair compensation and a beneficial settlement, you will want the support of a Houston truck accident attorney from The Cox Pradia Law Firm, P.L.L.C.

You should retain our law firm because:

  • We have 40+ years of combined trial experience
  • We work on a contingency fee basis – you don’t pay if we don’t win
  • We focus exclusively on personal injury cases

Statutes of limitations may prevent you from filing a claim if you wait too long. Contact our firm today to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation for your truck accident case.

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