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Truck accidents can happen for a wide range of reasons, but regardless of the cause, they all often end in tragic injuries and devastating damages. Sadly, drowsy driving is one of the leading causes of these deadly and life-altering accidents, with the U.S. Department of Transportation estimating that nearly 40% of all truck drivers suffer from sleep apnea. Even more concerning is the fact that many of these drivers are aware of the rules and trucking regulations that prohibit them from driving for extended hours, yet still ignore them.

If you have been injured in a serious truck accident caused by a drowsy driver, we encourage you to reach out to our Houston personal injury lawyers today. We bring 40 years of combined legal experience to the table and have been recognized for the high caliber of representation we provide to our clients.

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Recovering Fair Compensation After Your Accident

According to federal officials, drowsy driving is continually leading to highway collisions and fatalities. With more than 40,000 estimated highway fatalities occurring every year, it is a shocking fact that one in seven of those are caused by truck drivers. Whether truck companies continue to push their drivers to stay on the road longer or drivers themselves are seeking to earn more income and cut down on time off, it is clearly a very serious problem that someone needs to be held responsible for.

When you have been hit by a truck driver due to drowsy or sleep-deprived driving, it can be very frustrating. That is why our firm is here to hold these negligent individuals accountable.

What Kind of Damages Can I Recover After a Truck Accident?

  • Hospital bills and medication costs
  • Physical therapy expenses
  • Costs for medical devices, such as prosthetics or aids
  • Lost wages and earning potential
  • Both mental and physical pain and suffering
  • Permanent disability adjustments
  • Future and long-term medical expenses
  • Punitive damages in wrongful death cases

By reviewing the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations, we can determine whether the driver who hit you violated any of the Hours of Service (HOS) rules that limit how long commercial truck drivers can be on the road. Even if they did not technically violate any regulations, we can still work to demonstrate acts of negligence on their part to ensure that you are fairly compensated for your injuries.

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