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Something as large as a commercial truck requires constant maintenance and upkeep to be safe for operation. When truck drivers and their employers start to neglect vehicle safety regulations, it can leave to serious defects in the vehicle and, ultimately, dangerous truck accidents.

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Vehicle Safety Violations Can Lead to Truck Accidents

All commercial trucks need to be regularly inspected to ensure that no parts are failing. There are also numerous trucking regulations in place that limit how much load can be carried at once, as well as mandating how fast and where a trucker can drive. Ignoring any of these rules or failing to comply with any of the guidelines can cause disastrous truck accidents.

Common vehicle safety concerns involve:

There is no excuse for a truck driver or trucking company to allow serious vehicle safety concerns to go unaddressed. When they neglect their responsibilities or act recklessly behind the wheel, they can cause truck accidents and must be held accountable.

If you pursue justice with a Houston truck accident attorney from The Cox Pradia Law Firm, P.L.L.C., you might be able to win a beneficial recovery that helps you pay for medical bills, repair costs, lost wages, and more. We will work together to analyze the evidence of the collision, check maintenance records of the truck, and collect witness testimonials, all so we can do our best in representing your best interests.

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