3 Motorcycle Accident Claim Mistakes in Houston and How to Avoid Them

Did you know that about 84,000 motorcyclists are injured each year? Motorcycle injuries can be serious, leading to expensive medical bills and lost wages. You may be able to receive compensation if you file a personal injury claim properly and on time.

We’ve gathered advice from an accident attorney in Houston to help you avoid the most common filing mistakes. That way, you can receive full compensation for your injuries.

Now, are you ready to get started? Here’s a quick look at motorcycle accident claim mistakes:

1. Not Calling the Police

You may think you only need to call the police for serious accidents, but you are wrong. Always call the police after an accident occurs. In fact, in some states, it’s illegal not to call the police after an accident happens.

After all, a police report can give a good insight into the motorcycle crash and further the claim filing process. For example, it can show who was at fault, any citations made, and provide in-depth driver and witness statements. This information can be provided to the insurance companies to determine compensation.

2. Not Seeking Medical Treatment

One of motorcyclists’ biggest mistakes is not seeking medical treatment after an accident. Even if it’s a minor bump or scratch, you should visit a medical provider.

Here’s why: by not going to a doctor, your essentially saying that the injuries were not that serious. Thus implying that the accident didn’t lead to a significant loss, which may result in you receiving less money.

After an accident, always visit a medical provider and follow their advice to a tee. If you don’t, insurance companies can claim that your inability to make a full recovery is not the accident’s fault but your own. Seeking medical treatment is the best way to document your injuries and provide evidence that the accident had a negative impact on your life.

3. Not Recording Losses

You will need documentation if you want compensation for your medical bills or lost wages. Not keeping a record of your bills and time off will only hurt your case.

After all, compensation is not just received based on your word; you need evidence. For example, official medical bills, collision repair statements, and documentation of lost wages all help to prove that the accident impacted your life.

These pieces of evidence even help to determine how much damages you’re owed. So if you don’t have good documentation of your losses, insurance companies may decide you’re owed nothing.

Visit an Accident Attorney in Houston Today

You may be entitled to compensation if you were in an accident and have a motorcycle accident injury. To ensure you’re awarded what you deserve, call the police after the accident, visit a medical provider, and record all your losses.

That way, you have all the evidence you need to prove you’re owed compensation for your suffering. Thankfully we at the Cox Pradia law firm specializing in personal injury cases and can set you up with an experienced accident attorney in Houston.

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