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Rear-End Collisions With Commercial Trucks

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When operating a commercial truck, the driver must be particularly aware of the overall condition of the vehicle. 18-wheelers, on average, can weigh up to 80,000 pounds when fully loaded, which causes them to require a massive distance between them and other vehicles to stop safely. When commercial truck drivers do not respect the size and weight of their trucks, they risk causing devastating rear-end collisions.

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What Are the Causes and Damages of Rear-End Collisions?

Even though truck drivers are in control of vehicles that are unlike most others on the highways, they are people just like everyone else and more than capable of making mistakes or acting negligently. Oftentimes, truckers may resort to speeding to try to get to their destination on time, which in turn makes it nearly impossible for them to stop their semi when an obstacle unexpectedly gets in their path.

Others may ignore trucking regulations and leave the warehouse with intentionally overloaded trailers to try to save a few trips. With the increased mass adding to their momentum, it is easy for them to overestimate their braking capabilities and crash into the back of another motorist.

What Are the Most Common Injuries from Rear-End Collison Accidents Involving Trucks?

Common Injuries from Truck Accidents involving Read-End Collisions:

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