3 Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Law Firm in Houston, TX

Have you recently been involved in a car accident? Maybe you were bitten by a dog? Regardless, you’re searching for a personal injury lawyer.

What you’re wondering, though, is what you should ask your prospective lawyer when gauging their abilities. That’s where this article comes in. Here are 3 questions to ask your personal injury law firm in Houston, TX.

1. Have You Handled My Type of Case Before?

There are all sorts of personal injury scenarios that could occur. You could be injured in a car accident; you could be bitten by someone’s dog; you could be subject to medical malpractice. There are many possibilities.

Each type of case involves different processes and terminology. As such, they should only be handled by a personal injury attorney who’s handled similar cases before.

When speaking with your prospective personal injury lawyer, be sure to ask them about their experience with your specific type of case. If they don’t have any, you should look to a different attorney. If they’ve proven successful in arguing your type of case in the past, they’re likely a safe bet.

2. How Much Are Your Services?

Not only does your personal injury lawyer need experience, but affordable rates as well. You don’t want to be put in a position where you go through a months-long lawsuit only to have to pay your attorney the majority of the compensation you’re rewarded with.

Most personal injury lawyers charge contingency fees. In other words, they don’t require you to pay them anything upfront. They only require you to pay them if they’ve won your case.

Generally speaking, personal injury lawyers take between 30% and 40% of the money that’s compensated. So, if you’re rewarded $100,000, you’ll pay your personal injury lawyer somewhere between $30,000 to $40,000.

3. Who Will I Be Working With?

The last question you should ask is who you’ll be working with. Will you be working solely with the person you spoke with over the phone? Or will you be working with a group of people instead? If you speak with a law firm, you might end up working with a different lawyer entirely.

That’s why it’s vital to ask. You need to be sure of who you’ll be working with on your case. If you feel uncomfortable around the people you’re working with, you might not be 100% transparent, which could affect your chances of winning a favorable outcome.

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