3 Questions to Ask a Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney in Houston, TX

Has your loved one experienced a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, in a recent car crash in Houston, TX? They’re not the only one.

Research shows that an estimated 69 million people worldwide suffer a TBI every year.

Fortunately, a traumatic brain injury attorney may be able to help your loved one receive compensation for their injuries if a negligent driver caused the accident. Let’s explore three questions you should ask a TBI lawyer before hiring them in Houston.

1. How Experienced Are You with TBI Claims?

Ask your prospective TBI lawyer how much experience they have with handling TBI claims.

Not all TBIs are the same. Some accident victims suffer mild concussions. Meanwhile, others experience diffuse axonal injuries, which are catastrophic.

In addition, TBIs can have many causes. These range from car accidents to truck wrecks, defective products, and trampoline park accidents.

These different circumstances might determine which insurance policies and laws apply to TBI victims’ claims.

The best TBI attorney understands the wide variety of concepts surrounding TBIs. Only then can they precisely investigate your particular injuries and help you get compensation for them.

2. How Often Have You Gone to Trial?

This is another important question to ask a prospective TBI lawyer. That’s because trying TBI cases requires special knowledge and skills.

Let’s say you take your TBI case to trial. Your attorney will have to help the jury understand your complex diagnosis.

The attorney will also have to explain how the other party’s actions caused your brain injury. They will outline your damages as well.

You might prefer settling with the other party’s insurance company versus going to trial. However, in case you have to go to trial, your attorney should know how to effectively present your legal claims and complicated story to the jury.

3. Who Are Your Expert Witnesses?

You should also ask your potential TBI lawyer who their expert witnesses are. This is important because you might need an expert witness to help you make your case.

For instance, the insurer might deny your claim because your brain scans are within healthy limits. However, an expert researcher may be able to use cutting-edge imaging technology to scan your brain and identify your brain injuries.

The report produced based on this scan may show that you have brain trauma. Presenting this information to the jury might help you win your case.

Hire a Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Before hiring a traumatic brain injury attorney, you should ask the attorney how much experience they have with TBI claims. Also, ask them how much trial experience they have and who their expert witnesses are.

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