5 Signs You Should File a Personal Injury Claim in Houston, TX

You recently incurred an injury that wasn’t your fault. You even had to go to the hospital for it. But you’re wondering: does it justify a personal injury lawsuit?

It may or may not. To help you make the decision, we’re going to cover five signs that you should file a personal injury claim in Houston, TX. Let’s go!

1. The Injury Wasn’t Your Fault

Sometimes we trip over our own feet, resulting in (what amounts to) self-inflicted injuries. This isn’t an incident that’s going to win you personal injury compensation.

But if you can reasonably say that someone else’s actions or inactions caused your injury, you might very well have a personal injury claim that you can stake.

2. You Have Medical Bills Due to the Injury

Another sign that you have a strong case is that you have medical bills due to your injury. This is particularly true if the bills are high.

You’ll need to be able to prove that the injuries were related to the alleged incident. As such, you’re advised to seek medical treatment directly after the incident occurs.

3. You’ve Developed Mental or Emotional Turmoil Due to the Incident

It’s not just physical injuries that are eligible for personal injury claims. Mental and emotional injuries can be rewarded with compensation as well.

So, if you’re feeling especially anxious or depressed after a traumatic incident, strongly consider calling a personal injury lawyer.

4. Duty of Care Was Not Carried Out During the Incident

Duty of care is a legal concept specifying that a person must take reasonable care in preventing injuries and damages.

So, for instance, let’s say a drink is spilled at a restaurant. In this case, the restaurant must wipe up the spill as soon as possible, and then put up a “slippery when wet” sign. This is the restaurant carrying out its duty of care.

If a duty of care was not carried out during an incident, the person who was injured as a result has a strong claim for a personal injury lawsuit. For example, if the aforementioned spill wasn’t cleaned up quickly and it caused a patron to slip and fall, that patron may have a strong personal injury case.

5. You Haven’t Made Any Costly Mistakes Since the Incident

There are many mistakes a person can make that would kill their chances at compensation over a personal injury claim.

This includes, for instance, ignoring doctors’ orders after the incident. Or, in another example, you might post a great deal about the incident online. Another big mistake is speaking with an insurance adjuster before hiring an attorney.

It’s important to avoid these mistakes leading up to a personal injury lawsuit. They could leave your case dead in the water.

Looking to File a Personal Injury Claim in Houston, TX?

What do you think? Do you believe your case to be a winner? Looking to file a personal injury claim in Houston, TX?

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