Maintenance and Mechanical Failures in Truck Accidents In Houston, TX

As a resident of Houston, TX, you might have witnessed catastrophic events caused by maintenance and mechanical failures of various truck models. Since the impact and danger of truck accidents are much greater than regular road accidents, the need for legal representation to receive damage and loss compensation significantly increases.

Before hiring a truck accident lawyer in Houston, here’s what you need to know about common truck accident causes.

Common Maintenance and Mechanical Failures in Truck Accidents

When traveling on highways, you may need to be extra cautious about keeping your distance from commercial trucks. Even the slightest negligence can lead to major fatalities. Here are the common causes of truck accidents in Houston.

Brake System Failure

Brake system failure is one of the major causes of truck accidents. Truck drivers often neglect the importance of timely brake maintenance. They travel longer and more challenging routes to transport a variety of heavy goods. The added weight and lackluster brakes collectively lead to brake failure and cause severe accidents.

Tire Blowouts

Another major factor that leads to truck accidents is tire blowouts. Poor tire maintenance can lead to a deformed tire shape that fails to withstand consistent high pressure on roads.

Since commercial trucks transport large and heavy goods between cities, minor negligence can lead to life-threatening catastrophes.

If involved in such accidents, you may seek formal representation from a truck accident lawyer in Houston to protect your rights and receive damage compensation.

Engine Malfunctions

Engine malfunctions can lead to serious truck accidents on highways. Although rare, engine malfunctions occur when the truck’s mechanical parts are poorly maintained over the months.

The risk multiplies for those trucks that cover long routes on a daily basis. Since trucks travel at high speeds, a sudden breakdown can impact multiple systems and cause road accidents.

Transmission Problems

Transmission failure is a risky problem for truck drivers. If the gear fails to change or fails to operate, serious accidents can occur. Typically, transmission problems occur when the fluids are not changed in time.

Plus, a faulty shifting fork can lead to locked gears. When facing road accidents due to transmission problems, you may immediately seek assistance from your truck accident lawyer in Houston. They can help you prepare well for legal representation and ensure the protection of your rights.

Steering System Failure

Major catastrophes occur when commercial trucks face steering system failure. Drivers fail to maneuver trucks at high speeds due to a steering lock or malfunction. Typically, such problems can lead to fatalities on sharp curves on highways. Please note that steering system failure may not only occur due to poor maintenance. Sometimes, drivers and truck owners have no control over hidden mechanical issues.

Need Assistance With Legal Representation? Cox Pradia Can Help!

The above factors highlight the common maintenance and mechanical failures that lead to severe truck accidents. If you need a truck accident lawyer in Houston who meets your demands, Cox Pradia can help. Get in touch with one of our attorneys today to discuss your case.

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