Rideshare Collisions: Navigating Complexities with Houston Car Accident Attorneys

Ridesharing has transformed urban transportation, offering convenience, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. However, as the popularity of ridesharing services like Uber & Lyft has surged, so have concerns about safety, particularly regarding collisions. Houston, a bustling metropolis known for its sprawling highways and heavy traffic, presents a unique landscape where rideshare collisions are not uncommon. 

So, it’s vital to understand the legal dynamics of rideshare collisions to avoid ambiguities and seek assistance from an experienced Houston car accident attorney to move forward confidently. 

Understanding the Texas Law on Rideshare Liability 

In Texas, laws governing rideshare liability are clear-cut, and transportation network companies must follow them.  As per the law, when a rideshare driver is logged in and ready to accept rides but hasn’t started one, they’re required to have insurance coverage meeting specific criteria:

  • $50K for bodily injury or death per individual.
  • $100K for bodily injury or death per accident.
  • $25K for property damage per accident (Tex. Ins. Code § 1954.052).

Similarly, as per Tex. Ins. Code § 1954.053 during an active ride, drivers must carry coverage with them a total liability limit of $1 million.  So, if the driver isn’t logged in or using the vehicle for personal reasons, their auto insurance applies. 

Liability Issues

Things are complex because rideshare drivers are often considered independent contractors instead of employees. This distinction can complicate matters when seeking compensation for damages and injuries. Insurance coverage provided by rideshare companies typically applies during active trips, but coverage may be disputed or limited depending on the circumstances of the collision.

Steps to Take When You Encounter a Rideshare Collision 

Generally, when traveling in a Lyft/Uber, you’re typically covered by the company’s $1 million policy. Despite sizable insurance policies, these companies often deploy adjusters & defense counsel to minimize or deny claims. Therefore, in a rideshare accident, you must know the steps to file a claim and get compensated fairly. 

Here’s what you should do:

  • Prioritize safety and seek medical help. 
  • Next, contact emergency services and law enforcement to create an accident report, which is crucial for determining fault and seeking compensation. 
  • Also, gather essential information, including driver details, vehicle descriptions, and eyewitness accounts. Take photographs to document the collision scene and your injuries.
  • Report the incident promptly to the rideshare company and your insurance company, ensuring factual accuracy to avoid liability implications. 
  • Lastly, engage an experienced Houston car accident attorney to navigate legal complexities and advocate for fair compensation. With their legal experience, you enhance the likelihood of securing a favorable settlement.

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