Truck Accidents vs. Car Accidents: Key Differences in Houston Legal Proceedings

Negligent car and truck drivers in Houston can lead to devastating consequences, but it can also come with complex legal challenges. As a victim, you should receive the compensation you are due.

A truck accident lawyer in Houston can help you get justice for a driver’s careless mistake. The compensation you receive will depend on whether you were involved in a car or truck accident, per the state’s laws.

Truck Accident vs. Car Accident Laws in Houston

Houston has a different set of laws for truck and car accidents. A car typically involves two people, i.e., the drivers of both cars. On the other hand, a truck accident can involve several people, such as other drivers on the road.

Establishing Liability in a Houston Truck Accident Case

As per Texas law, all commercial truck drivers and the companies they work for have to follow federal and state laws to ensure the safety of other drivers. These laws cover:

  • the number of hours they are legally allowed to drive
  • truck maintenance protocols
  • record-keeping
  • weight limits
  • licensing

Devastating accidents can occur due to various factors, with violation of safety rules being a significant contributor. Violation of these rules can lead to (often avoidable) devastating accidents. In any case, the actions of the parties involved in the truck accident can be found liable for injuries that victims sustained.

This can include the truck driver, another driver on the road whose actions led to the accident, the loading/shipping company, the truck maintenance company, the truck manufacturer, etc.

A truck accident lawyer in Houston can determine fault through investigations and hold them accountable.

Establishing Liability in a Houston Car Accident Case

Texas is a ‘no fault’ state, which means anyone involved in a car accident in Houston has to determine fault before the insurance company will consider their claim and cover damages. Auto insurers may have to pay accident claims as per the policyholder’s degree of fault. This is known as ‘proportionate comparative fault’ – the compensation car accident victims receive will be based on their degree of fault.

For instance, if you were 30% at fault for the accident, that percentage would reduce the compensation amount. If the defendant denies responsibility, their insurance company may double down on their claim by siding with their policyholder and deny/dispute your claim portion. You need a lawyer in your corner who can defend your rights and fight for the compensation you deserve.

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